dealsup to 35% off handmade soaps & lip balms with…


The marshmallow hot cocoa one on the site looks like a Klondike bar lol


I admit that I didn't know I wanted eggnog lipbalm before this moment.


This sure beats tasting all the "fun" Coca-Cola lip balm flavors my fiancee gets now.


Shipping seems to be $2.25 and goes up a buck for every new thing you add (I got it to $8.25/7 lip balms before I stopped testing and because I thought it was dumb). I would probably be more apt to buy this if shipping was a flat rate.


At least these aren't made in China.. they are 'local'.


Unfortunately, the shipping kills this for me. 2 balms and 1 bar of soap, and shipping is 50% of the cost. There is a local place I can get handmade things, and it'd end up being less expensive.

Looks like nice things, though!


I'm not sure I want any hands touching my lip balm.