dealsthe almighty accoutrements horse head mask for…


@fit410s: That and jogging in a hurricane.


I'm waiting for a Subservient Chicken costume.


I've had one of these and also the unicorn mask for a long time. It never really gets old. I wish the mask were a little longer - it feels short around the neck (you can't hide the bottom of the mask very well sometimes). You can see out the mouth and nostrils while wearing it, but your vision is quite restricted. There's also no room for glasses inside the mask. Still, it's quite fun.


Perfect for my 'Sex & The City' cosplay!


As an owner of this mask, I will let you know there are endless possibilities of humor. I scare the crap out of my dorm mates with it lots!

You will not be disappoint.


I have this mask. Its impossible to see anything while wearing it. All you can do is stand still or sit. kinda worthless if you cant move, just my opinion


I wore one of these to bewilder horses. They weren't curious, amused, or scared.

I think I need to get a human head mask to put on them.


Good Ol' Sarah Jessica Parker Mask, it's been a while


Be sure to check out the photos people have posted of themselves with the mask on,some are really great.