dealsturkish rug mousepad for $6.95


Those Turks really know how to make quality stuff. For example, a high quality video of Captain America beating up Spiderman.


@zippy the pinhead: yeah i saw some of the same items crossing over into each of the themed rescue site's online shopping catalogs. they're all part of the same network of charity type sites where portions of item purchases go to good causes.

i posted another separate item here in deals.woot that benefits the animal rescue site. i tried to choose cheaper yet interesting stuff from each of the charities


@w00tgurl: Great posts today,w00tgurl! I am partial to Animal Rescue - my wife volunteers @ our local shelter, and both of our kitties are rescued and awesome. The little manx brought home a fresh squirrel yesterday, yum!


@zippy the pinhead: dead squirrel sounds delish! both my furballs are from the shelter, and growing up all the cats/dogs we had were all shelter and mutts of some kind.
i get the emails from and click their button first but i go through and click all of them because it's so effortless and it does something good.

btw, here's another site which can email you daily. they give food to shelters

you get a different question each day, but doesn't matter if you're right, they still donate the food.


@zippy the pinhead: something of concern from that site, Zippy... "The original Smack it and Crack it is back! All the original flavors and taste make the return of one of the most missed candies ever. A true national brand since the 50's, the all time favorite has not been made since the mid 1980's. All flavors in-stock and ready to ship!"

Are they selling left over stock from 20+ years ago!?


@w00tgurl: There are all-sorts of super-hero knockoffs in the Turkish video world. Apparently, it's illegal to import films to the country, so they have to make their own. Most are incredibly terrible and awesome. Turkish Rambo has a rocket launcher -- that might be my favorite. The rockets literally look like they're falling off of the end of the tube in front of him, then they blow up a half mile away. As he runs from one point to another, he keeps finding more rockets to shoot (which screw onto the tip of his launcher). It's like a cross between a bad video game and a fantastic Rambo film.

It is art. Fine art.


@capguncowboy: turkey looks like a dangerous place what with RPG ammo laying around everywhere. j/k
buy this mousepad and support children reading not shooting! :)


This ties the workstation together nicely.


@jerralb: You're out of your element!

Seriously though, the one in the middle of the picture is pretty much exactly the style of the one in the movie. I think I might have to get one of these!


@histumness: I wish they'd let buyers choose a design. Per their page the choice is theirs.