deals9 ft. pre-lit wesley pine tree for $49.00 + freeā€¦


Good way to save a lot of money! ...Or if you wanted to put the ornaments on one day at a time until December :3


For anyone that's curious about the math that's 150 ornaments.

AKA 175 more shopping days until christmas!


I've got to ask: how did you happen across this?


2 notes: 1) This is an online only deal. 2) The multi-color tree is still listed at the regular price of $219. Don't think this is going to last long; get one quick if you want it.


@okham: :-) Home Depot has a one day special each day. I always check. Sometimes they're really good deals, like this one. Other times....meh. BTW: I measured my ceiling height to confirm it was 9 feet at the tallest part of the slant. It was. I resisted a LOT, but then gave in. I ordered one. :-/ May end up donating it, though.


Hmm, I have 8 foot ceilings. Do I cut a hole in the floor or the ceiling? Great deal @gmwhit. Merry Christmas!


@barnabee: Looks like you could snip 6" off the top pretty easily, and 6" off the trunk not-so-easily. Unfortunately, you'd then have no room for a tree-topper and no room for presents underneath the tree. But hey, it's cheap!


Only a great deal if you have room for a 9 foot tree...not me.


I've got ten-foot ceilings, so this would be great. If it was silver. I want an aluminum tree with that rotating spotlight.


use coupon code RWBHD10 for an extra 10% off


Hmm, coupon code RWBHD10 (case-sensitive) seems to work on this item. $39 pre-lit tree FTW


Got all the way to checkout and mentioned this to DH. He firmly stated that he will NEVER have an artificial tree in his house. LOL! I will have to bookmark this and remind him about the missed opportunity next Christmas when he's firmly stating that he will NEVER AGAIN get a real tree and that we MUST get an artificial tree as soon as they go on sale for a reasonable price.


@belyndag: All things considered...I'd buy it NOW. I don't think you'll ever find this price again. Put it away until your DH comes to his senses.


No longer available online. Oh well ):


@atravis6: You're right. :-( Sorry, it IS no longer available. Hope you got it if you wanted it. This was a fantastic deal!


@gmwhit I looked on Home Depot's site - where do you find their daily deals at? I need another site that I have to obsessively check every single day :) seriously though. . .where do you find the daily deals site at? Thanks!


@spunkyjt: Hmmmm If I told you I'd have to kill you. JK! ;-) Try this. It changes about 4AM EST each day.


@gmwhit: That would assume that he ever WILL come to his senses! We've been married 31 years now and I'm still waiting, LOL! Ah, well, It will be more fun to just smile politely and point to the screenshot of the deal that I'm saving. No need to even haul out the "I told you so." The biggest advantage is that I can use this to get the REAL tree I want.

Ummm. Christmas!


My tree has shipped via UPS. Expected delivery 7-9. Great buy and fast shipping! Amazing to me!!

@belyndag: So understand you desire for a real tree. Did that for many, many years. And loved it! Nothing like the smell of pine.


@gmwhit: And it has to be the REAL smell of pine, not pine scented candles or pine scented air freshener. Ah, well. Enjoy your pre-lit tree and think of me battling DH over getting out to buy a real tree when Christmas rolls around. He always waits until the the last minute so we get to have a tree for about three or four days.

Bah. Humbug!