deals$20 off & free shipping on any order over $100 at…


Why is this getting rapidly down-voted?


@scottydl: If you don't already know then we aren't gonna tell you.


I mean, other than the fact that Coastal offers free glasses/better deals by checking retailmenot, I've had no problems (and my friends have similar experiences) with them when ordering glasses. I don't get the hate.


@thekatt: As you have stated, you can get way better deals elsewhere and 20 bucks off a 100 dollar order isn't really an amazing deal. Nothing against the actual company.


I voted it up because no one has a logical reason why this isn't a good deal. Please, folks, use your down votes wisely if you have to use them at all.


@mtrlgrl: I think this is the sort of logical reason. An example from retailmenot:

" is offering your first pair of prescription eyeglasses free AND 50% off your second pair with coupon: GMA. Valid 1/5/12 only."

Shipping be damned, a free pair and half off another pair is a pretty great deal. On a combined $100 order (assuming $50 for each pair), you're down to $25, which after shipping is still way better than the Woot deal here. That's why it's being downvoted; it isn't nearly as great a deal as the company has recently offered elsewhere.

Thanks to @thekatt for the retailmenot tip for this company.


It has the worst rating I saw so far

Shipping seems to be delayed over and over


My own experience: A few months ago, I saw one of their deals on here. I placed an order for contacts, seeing as how I needed them quickly, I even paid for 2-day shipping. I got an email confirmation and a note that they would contact my optometrist to confirm my prescription. No problem.

A couple of days later, I got an email that they would be delayed a week because they were out of stock. The next day I got an email saying they would be delayed 2 weeks because they were out of stock.

I called to see what was up, I mean, what's the point of paying for 2-day shipping when they are going to be delayed 2 weeks? The guy I talked to was incredibly rude and arrogant. He was pissed that I even called because "everything you need to know is in that email". He told me that they were listed as out of stock on their website when I ordered them. They weren't and I had a confirmation email that proved it. I even checked at that moment and they were listed as in stock on their website.



I told him that, and he flat out called me a liar. I asked him to check and confirm and he said he didn't have internet access. So,at that point I asked for a supervisor and got the "I don't have a supervisor" line. So, I told him I wanted to cancel. He refused.

Yeah, he REFUSED to cancel my order! I told him to cancel or I'd report the transaction as fraudulent. He took a dig at me, calling me a "stupid Okie" (yes, I'm from Oklahoma).

I told him one more time to cancel the order. He refused again. I got his name (fake), and hung up. I called back and got a girl this time who was rude, but less arrogant. I told her what happened, and she said no one worked there with that name, and there was no record of a call. (b.s.)

I told her I wanted to cancel the order and she tried talking me out of it. She said if they can't get them, no one else can, but she canceled the order. I then called my optometrist, she had them in less than 24 hours, at a lower price. There's your hate.


thank you for sharing your experience. It is stories like these that should make retailers stand up and take notice: every customer interaction matters, now more than ever, because with the internet, "word of mouth" has become "speed of light information to the masses."


@zollars23: Thank you very much for this information. I still thought the deal was worth using until I saw your experience and I would never do business with a company that would treat a customer that way.


@kschouten: You're welcome. I don't want to be someone who always flames the businesses, like what happens with the razor blade guy. I'm sure many have had good experiences with Costal, but that was my experience.

I was wearing an uncommon brand of contacts due to a mild silicone allergy, and was happy to find them. My guess is they stock the most common contacts, and if you don't fall into the narrow window of common brands/prescriptions, they have to order them.

I can't speak for glasses or returns, but I would expect the glasses fall into the same category.

I've used third-party glasses makers here in town, and I've always had the best experience with my optometrist. She isn't the cheapest, but I always get the quality.


@zollars23: I don't care if you were ordering titanium contacts, no reasonable human being should ever be treated like that. Bad customer service makes me want to punch kittens. AND I LOVE KITTENS. Seriously, anonymity always brings out the worst in people. Without good accountability on the part of the company, bad customer service WILL happen and it is NOT acceptable.


I ordered from Coastal a few months ago and got a great set of glasses that are easily the equal of the $300 pair I got from my B&M store. They get a lot of comments from people. I don't remember how fast shipping was, but I think it was within a week(I didn't get expedited). Most of the glasses that I order online are from goggles4u, which has good quality, but my Coastals are much better. I never had to deal with their customer service, so I couldn't say one way or the other on that.

However, I agree that this is not really a great deal. Although their normal prices are pretty good, I only bought my pair because it was a free pair+shipping. In fact, I bought another free pair upon seeing the comment about retailmenot here. $20 off $100 is an okay deal, but $4.95 for a pair of glasses is much better.


As far as the company goes, I've been buying all of my contacts and glasses from them for about 3 years with absolutely no problem. They ship as soon as my doctor verifies prescription.