dealsah: the element of surprise -- t-shirt for $4.99


I normally would not have gotten this w/ shipping of $2.99, even though I liked the shirt. Since I was already considering their deal today for fire starter bricks @ $9.95 w/free shipping, however, I was able to add the shirt for no add'l shipping charge. They always ship their 'side' items for free when you buy their 'main' item that day (which usually does have a shipping cost)--so this was a nice bonus. Also used their (seemingly perpetual) coupon code (free4me2435) to get a free surprise item.


In for 1. I used the code that @reginafilangee and got the free item too! $7.98 with shipping, but I really liked the shirt.


I followed @reginafilangee and bought the firestarter bricks just because it was only an extra $7 at that point. I'm assuming the free item is worthless but might as well throw the code in and find out. $15 for 144 fire starters and a funny shirt seems like a great deal.


@matthazlip, @bradygt, @blgauthier: Glad to help boost the deal posted by @belyndag. :-)

When you get your receipt (be forewarned.....they ship slower than the Woot snail!), you'll probably get that same code to use on a "future" purchase, even though it will likely show an expiration date of 6, 9, 12 months ago, LOL. Yeah, the free item isn't going to be much....but free is free, right? I was just happy to double the "deal" by getting free shipping on both, because I was seriously toying with the firestarters for a couple of hrs anyway, before belyndag posted this t-shirt. I would have been peeved at myself If I'd already ordered the firestarters, b/c I wouldn't have paid the extra $3 for the shirt to order it separately.

@belyndag: hope you don't mind the piggyback! :-)


@reginafilangee: Not at all! I made note of the code and will hang onto it for future orders, too! Thanks!