dealsdr. grabow royal duke textured pipe complete set…


Not sure this is such a great deal. Lots of beginner pipe packages out there for less, although this is very complete.


i agree with b6283. They seem to have an inflated sense of what the savings are. But I would say it's about a $10 savings. Also, even though the website says 'Estate Pipes' this particular pipe seems to be new.

The site itself seems to have a lot of nice pipes. I might be in if I hear some good feedback about this paticular pipe.


That looks like a decent pipe for that price. I have a similar one, but I don't bother using the filters. I also have those same pipe cleaners, they work really well. They have little stiff plastic bristles built in that scrub tar and gunk off nicely. I'd say it's a $30 pipe + $5 cleaners, + the other stuff thrown in. The only other things a beginner would need is tobacco, matches, and maybe a pipe tool.

Edit: looking closer at the cleaners, the ones I have are different. Their packaging doesn't mention having the stiffer bristles. So I'd say it's a $30 pipe with everything else thrown in for $5, still seems like a decent deal.