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$0.00 w/ free shipping!


If anyone thought getting ubuntu for free was really a deal, then this would have been a deal for Ubuntu...


@crau2: why don't you take your ubuntu and download it where the sun does not shine...... SPAMMER!!


Just a reminder that students can get this very same deal for $30:

Yeah, it isn't fair, but there you go.


reseller huh? I just read the license agreement, and the major point is that you get no service. While it mentions terms like "customer system", it has no stipulations against if the customer you are making a computer for is... yourself :)

Not a lawyer, just throwing that out there as something I am considering.

Anyone know more about this license than this?


@gestorter: Please ignore my previous comment. I did a little more research and found I am opening myself up to a flame war. The nature of the OEM license is a hot topic online.

This article shows the inconsistency from MS themselves...


@locjaw: man, you are sensitive today... you fellin' OK? Need an ego stroking? If I can't poke fun on a Woot! site than the communists have won.


Another option if you are building something for yourself is a Technet subscription. A quick search finds a coupon to bring the cost of a Technet subscription down to around $260.

But for that $260 you get access to every OS (From 7 all the way back to DOS 6) and user package (think Office/Dynamics/etc) that MS has, with MULTIPLE installation keys that typically work for MULTIPLE installations.

As with the OEM VS Retail holy wars, there are limitations specified in the TOS for Technet. While I am no lawyer I can tell you that it is NOT legal to sell copies from your Technet sub (IE, you can't build a machine for someone and sell it to them). HOWEVER, for your own personal use, it can't be beat.


Thanks for the deal! I am putting together an AMD rig and was about to pay too much for win7pro64.

I am on newegg constantly and didn't see this deal, where did you find it?


@kc8ukw: It comes up $77.95 for me, where is this $30 thing you speak of?


@animuson: Really? Sorry about that. It was $30 when I bought mine, but that was shortly after Windows 7 was released. Perhaps they were running a special deal then.

Still cheaper at least, but sorry about the false advertising.


@kc8ukw: Tried to get the same deal a while back, got it for the ~$70 price, but when it came in it was upgrade, not system builder. Couldnt use it for the system I wanted it for. (had been running the beta)


@iceph03nix: The upgrade vs system builder is a trick. If you click upgrade, it assumes you have an OS already installed -- if you click custom, you can do a clean install. I know this because I've done it this way on 3 computers