dealsfortune teller fish (144/pack) for $7.10


Paypal accepted, please do not rely on fish for medical advice.


@pickypickypicky: Absolutely delightful website! Thanks!!


These would be great to give away for Halloween as a treat or in a classroom as an alternative to candy! I remember these when I was younger and it was fun to watch as they curled and twisted in the palm of my hand.


While you're on that site, take a look at the Bunny Teeth for $0.65!

Flat plastic bunny teeth, just for the fun of looking like a bunny. Can also be used as groundhog teeth on February 2nd, or just about any large-toothed animal.

You could toss in a package or two and it wouldn't increase the shipping!


My father had one when I was a child. It was the coolest thing. He hid it from us (siblings). Lo and behold that when he left us alone, we searched for it. We found it. We played with that fish. Curl, uncurl, curl, uncurl. We put it back. He was none the wiser.

I want that fish.


This is so tempting. I remember having these as a child.


Did these come as a treat in Cracker Jacks years ago? I can remember having something like this, and I'm sure my parents didn't shell out the money for a cellophane fish directly.Either way, as a kid I thought it was super cool.


Love these as a kid. Always interesting to watch. Might have to pick this up just because.