dealssd micro sd memory card pocket holder carrying…


Actually cost $4.54
Says it holds 24 SD cards or three in each of 8 sheets.


You can always find a lot of them on ebay for about $3, with free shipping.

Just use search terms: memory card wallet pouch case holder


@superninja: You are absolutely right, thanks superninja! Even though we're only talking the difference of about a dollar, I always get upset with myself for hastily purchasing something that's readily available FOR LESS somewhere else. Thanks again for sharing that.

And thanks to OP for making me aware of these cool items. Now I have to have one; except I'll be purchasing it on eBay!


I use Mentos containers (eg:

Cheap, no shipping, and I have different colors:
- Green - Blank SD cards ready for use
- Red - Used SD cards that need to be offloaded
- Blue -"Special cards" like EyeFi or MicroSD with adapters that are too slow for a full video shoot, but handy otherwise (the ProX2 is good. The EyeFi Home is too slow for 1080p shoots). When I take the "special cards" out of the cameras to put fast cards in, they go here, so I'm not searching for "fast cards" when the cameras say they're out of space.

They hold ~20 SD cards (I haven't filled one up; you get~10 per level, and they stack 2 levels high). - I really should get more videos up!


One thing you should be aware of with these cases though, they work fine for regular SD cards, but don't work as well with MicroSD cards.
The MicroSD cards will fit, but since they are much smaller than regular SD cards, they will tend to move around, and also could slip out of their slots.
Also, since the MicroSD cards are so thin and the slots are too small to put your fingers in easily, it makes it the MicroSD more difficult to remove.