dealsburger king® samples of crispy chicken strips…


Went to BK for lunch. Waited 10 minutes to order although I was only one waiting. Saw signage in front of store for free sample plus they had a fancy animated screen over the register that promoted it. Figured why not. No one working there had any idea what I was talking about. Finally someone saw the signage and told me Ass't Mgr was supposed to get it ready for the staff to give out but he didn't do it so they were sorry but no free sample. Typical BK.


@chypher: When these types of things happen, contact the district manager. Essentially, they are the store manager's boss. He would be downright embarrassed that this happened to you and would get "all up in their arse."

Far too many times I've seen the store manager give a customer the ol' "I'm very sorry and we'll correct that problem right away." And then do nothing, give some half-hearted attempt at something, give said employee a half-joking "don't do that again", etc etc.

I have yet to meet a district manager in any industry that didn't make things happen. They usually have a take-no-prisoner my way or the highway attitude.....And they always side with the customer. I rarely complain. But when I do, my complaint is more than valid and I expect results.


Just went to my local BK. They had no idea what I was talking about. Fail.


I don't see anything about free chicken strips on their website or facebook page. I see the promotion for 2 strips for $1.


Clearly stated May 5th and 6th.
Clearly a dead deal.


@firebirdude: I thought of doing that but for a free chicken strip I figured what's the point. Just wondered that BK probably spent a million dollars on the plan for the promotion, the advertising and then the execution and for what just to have customers come in and laugh at their ineptitude. No wonder Wendy's overtook them as number 2 to McDonald's. I know someone wrote promo runs on the 5th and 6th but signage at my BK said 7th to 10th or 11th.


Was this a deal post just to get people to visit the BK FB page? Coz theres nothing on there about free strips, just about last weekends $1 deal which my BK knew nothing about.


as far as i know the deal was only for: 2 strips for a $1.00 and everyone i visited in michigan knew about the promotion and they had to limits as far as how many you can buy.

Never heard anything in person or on their website about the free strips. Kinda makes no sense to give free strips to everyone for three days.

Its either the OP made a mistake and does not want to be flammed for saying he was wrong or that its another Wendy's fan boy.

Btw i dont eat fastfood whatsoever, i think its just for fatties who like to have a tripple whopper with cheese and bacon with extra large fries and a diet coke. LMFAO


I work at bk - our Corporate office sent this as a mistake (it was a future promo), which is why none of the stores were ready for it. An email was sent to stores at the last minute saying that we're supposed to honor it by cutting a strip in half and giving that as a


Never saw the Facebook page just went there because I happened to be near one. Promotion clearly was being promoted at this particular location with signage in front of store and saw it on their LCD screen above the registers. It is not unusual for companies like McD;s, BK and Wendy's to have promotions at different times in different markets. It could have been an honest mistake I guess and this particular restaurant fell for it but don't know why on LCD it said promotion started 5/7.