dealscoca cola 2 ltr. for $0.79


@snoopjedi: Good point, most deals like this in grocery/drugstores require their loyalty card. The card is free, and I don't get any unwanted mail from them due to signing up for it. It takes less than 5 minutes when you are at the store.


And if one is really paranoid about one's privacy, one can sign up with a bogus address and phone number:
123 Main St
YourTown, State, Zip
(AreaCode) 555-1212

Alternatively, you can tell the cashier that you lost your card and give "your" phone number - (areacode) 555-1212. I have found that there is usually someone in the area code who has signed up with that number.

Of course I am not suggesting to commit any kind of fraud...


Just tell them at the store that you forgot your card and they'll use a generic card, or ask the person behind you if they'll flash their card. The cardholder gets points and sometimes a coupon for using the card so either is usually no problem. The cashier doesn't care.


Or the cashier will ask for your phone number to look up your card. Give your phone number. It won't come up, cashier tells you that, you say Well I don't know then, cashier will use the generic card.

It's no problem.


Does anyone else here love coca-cola? Cuz I do.


How do I get 97+ responses and then get -7 responses? I only posted what I think is a good deal for others. What is their to be negative about? Maybe you have a gripe with Coca-Cola?

WHO CARES????????