dealssamsung galaxy 7" tab 3 8gb - manufacturer…


Lousy resolution, slow, old version of android. Wake me up when you've got a deal on current generation Nexus 7, which runs circles around this thing. It was recently offered for 199 new, so we should see refurbs in this same price range before Christmas.


If you have a Costco near you, you can pick one of these up brand new for $169 right now. Regular price in store is $189 - $20 instant rebate. Costco online has this for $179 shipped. I guess the extra $10 covers the shipping.


@ricerx: I don't know about this specific Costco deal but typically, They give a small discount on these types (cameras, tablets for example) of products but also included extra items (cases, memory cards, extra warranty for example) to add value.


@ricerx: If you find a better deal online than one that has been posted, please include a link. There is an interesting debate as to whether new is better. I have read some interesting arguments which suggest that a manufacturer's refurb has had more individual attention paid to it than a factory new item. It's a trade-off.


@moondrake: Even better than include a link...POST the deal and link the post.

It gets irritating when a community that is suppose to help others find a deal simply ignore what this is all about.