dealshamilton beach - 3-quart slow cooker - white…


they were selling this for $3 a few months back... sick inflation ;)


I bought this the last time it showed up at $10, and I became a cooking machine.

Buy one, throw things in it, come back six hours later with friends and they'll think you're a culinary genius.

It'll change your life.


It's even the kind with removable stoneware - for the price I thought it was the old skool kind, but no. This is a great price, and Best Buy has a "great financing offer" available ;)


Just bought it. Came out to be $16 and change with shipping, but still a good deal.


In for one. I'm not much of a cook, but hopefully this will make it easier to save money by eating more at home, and less fast food.


@timawalker: You will love having a slow cooker! There are tons of recipes online, and I love coming home from work in the winter to the smell of stew, or chili, or soup that's hot and waiting for me. You can even buy seasoning packs (spice aisle, like where you'd find taco seasoning or chili spice blends) to make things like pulled pork or Italian chicken. If I didn't already have one I'd be in for one!


The best Mexican food comes out of a slow cooker. Toss in pork, liberally season/coat with chili powder and oregano add 1 clove garlic. Come back 6 hours later and you have pulled pork for carnitas! Love these things.