dealsvizio 65" 1080p 120hz led smart tv 1m:1 apps 802…


Considering this is a refurbished TV, this is not a good deal. The size is nice, but for the price this thing should be at least 240hz and/or have 3d.

Compare to Newegg's recent deal: $880 & FS for a NEW 60" 3D LG 1080p 600hz Plasma Smart TV.

Sorry Woot, but this refurb just doesn't come anywhere close to stacking up to the current market prices. And although I love Vizio, TVs this size make motion-blur extremely noticeable, and Vizio lost my business when they left the Plasma TV market and started cranking out these low refresh-rate LED TVs.


I got a 65" Olevia TV from Woot for $2000 several years ago, and it's been great.


Woot giving props to the Nationals! I guess living in the dc area is why the picture of Nats Park grabbed my attention...rather than the actual tv


@criticalcritic: 5 inches AND comparison.
I agree $100 cheaper would have been nicer, but it's still $170 cheaper than what Tiger is selling a comparable refurbished 65" Vizio LED for...


@sgrman05: I think Plasma has a nicer picture.


@mrjb: Well that's your opinion. It doesn't mean it is worth more or that this is a bad deal. Plus, people like myself don't care about 3D, so there is that. And as mentioned, 5" is a lot of screen space whether you think it is or not. It is not a bad deal on this TV, considering it is $1300 at Costco and Walmart (per yesterday's thread).


Bought this EXACT same TV NEW from Walmart on Black Friday with a free wall mount for this same price. This is a GREAT TV with an AMAZING picture. I own 6 Vizios and NEVER had a problem with any of them (2 are actually refurbs).