dealssamsung g3 station 2tb usb 2.0 external hard…


That is odd. Looks like they're trying to get rid of some europe stuff over here.

All that the mfg has to do is change the end of the power brick - you can see from the picture that the cable is interchangable. NewEgg is trying to pawn them off by giving you some junky adapter instead.


Reviews on Newegg are TERRIBLE. I suggest you stay away...


One review on Amazon...same thing.... BAD!


The drive inside has very aggressive "green" features, powers down VERY quickly, and has some of the SATA features disabled (like NCQ).

People are having issues with the enclosure, not necessarily the drive. Those who removed the drive and put it inside their machine have far fewer problems.

There seems to be no way to flash the drive with firmware that doesn't constantly spin down or enables NCQ.

This would be a great price for a 2TB drive if it could be flashed with standard Samsung firmware for this model.


I bit on this a week ago, same vendor and price. Huge transfers, full format, all click and error free. We'll see how it goes in 60 days.