dealsvizio 55 class led 3d hdtv for $999.99 + free…


@bigray57: That is incorrect. Systemax bought the circuitcity brands after it's bankruptcy. Systemax also owns tigerdirect, and the former CompUSA.


Agree on the AMAZING TV part, but not the GREAT Tiger Direct part. They were absolutely horrid the last time I dealt with them (bought all the parts for a new PC, had multiple DOAs, next day shipping took 3-4 weeks, some parts didn't arrive, terrible customer service, took 6 months to get a refund check). I don't care how good the deal is, I won't buy from them again.


For what its worth, Circuit City domain name is now owned by Tiger Direct since CC went out of business. With that said, Tiger Direct is a GREAT company to deal with AND this TV is AMAZING (I bought the 65" version from TD 2 weeks ago)