dealsloose leaf pyramid tea bags for $4.00


Yo guys usually watch your deals so I am hoping you see this. When I click "add to cart" for the advertised tea, I get a white screen. When I go back to the page with the tea and click "view cart", my cart is empty. It appears the shopping cart link on this sale is broken. I see you have a chat window so I will mention it there. I am hoping that the shipping is reasonable as I am on my last box of Mighty Leaf and this sounds like a very nice tea.

Edit: The chat window also does not appear to be working, the "wait tornado" just keeps spinning.


@moondrake: Hi Moondrake. Sorry for the chat issue.. we had some cold damage in the store and we were out back with the contractors ... love -15 in January.....

It looks like the white screen comes up if you don't select a flavor below. We are better store clerks than programmers apparently. We'll try to fix that in the future.


@shelburnecountrystore: I see, I thought the flavors were not available at the sale price. I have $17.95 worth of products in my cart, three boxes of tea and a bag of pretzels, and the cheapest shipping option is $13.95. I'd love to try this tea but that's just way too much for shipping. No worries, you are almost sold out anyway, those were your last three boxes of tea I had in my cart