dealssummer action movie tickets offer


I'd like to see battleship and the bourne movie, but would've been happy to get a ticket for snow white - I figure once I'm inside the multiplex all bets are off. In for one.


Wanted to add this rule:
4. If movie ticket with Fandango’s convenience fee included is more than maximum value of the Fandango Promo Code, customer must pay the difference with a valid credit or debit card or via Paypal.

You are also required to purchase the ticket from and Fandango alone.

The fee is anywhere between $0.75-$1.50 for regular films and up to $2 for IMAX screens.

Just checked a random non-matinee, non-IMAX price at my closest theater and I would be paying $3 out of pocket at the highest "convenience" charge. It seems the only way you would be able to "break even" is if you choose a matinee showtime.

Haha, I just checked a Friday showing of The Avengers and it costs $15.50 with the convenience charge. Wtf is up with ticket prices?

Thanks for posting, though OP. 10 bucks off is 10 bucks off.


@curtisuxor: thanks for adding that, I ran out of room in the description. I suppose I could have added it in the comments...


I got the promotional code but it says to see American Reunion. I'm hoping I can pick the movie I want to see instead of that.


Only came to check this out coz of picking 'Serenity' as the image. Nicely done, OP - I was properly manipulated!


Does the dvd have to be the version specified on the page? Because the Serenity [Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy] (2005) is $9.99 rather than the Blu-ray version listed on the page for $10.49.


How did you find this deal? I'm looking all over Amazon to try and understand how you got there in the first place and I can't find any information on this Summer of Action deal at all!


Not a bad deal, but aside from U-571 and Serenity there isn't a goram disc that I would even consider buying.


Im a big Mummy fan so seeing a few Mummy titles on Blu-Ray make this worth it to me!