deals4 film favorites for $6.99


The $9.99 four film favorites look really good. I'd go for Austin Powers, Blade, Dirty Harry, Matrix, Oceans, Police Academy, and Superman collections, especially if I don't already own the individual films or I am trying to consolidate shelf space.

They appear to charge $5 for shipping and handling.


Did Christopher Reeve really star in 4 Superman films? I had no idea they made II, III and IV.


These are nice collections but many of them were originally packaged 2 to 4 years, and Target had them on sale many times at the $9.99 price. Some of these are starting to show up at Big Lots for $6. What's more, many of these titles are currently being replaced by Blu-ray sets that cost not much more.

For just $10 more get those Dirty Harry movies in 2 Blu-ray double features for only $20 at Amazon. The Austin Powers Trilogy in Blu-ray is currently only $19.29 on Amazon.

At this price range, these were a nice deal in 2008.