dealsextra 30%, 20% or 15% off everything + kohl's cash


No coupon code for 30% off. Can't get the code through the link. You can only get the code from the mailer.
So... 15% off can be found, but even that code hasn't been posted.


@thumperchick: Well, the code was posted on deals.woot before, at least, so you can get it through the mailer, but that means this is just a dupe in the end-- it just requires you to click through one more page than the original post did:

I do know "COOKIES" worked for 15% off the other day, though. No card needed.


@jezebelseven: I think that the original deal needs a good deal of upboats.


The code for 30% off is "RUDOLPH30" there's also a free shipping code "SHIPGIFT4KC". Both of these are only valid with the Kohl's Card.

For those without a Kohl's Card, use "ORNAMENTS" for 15% (or 20% if your total is over $100).