dealsunamused t-shirt for $5.99


it would be better without the text


@mochicrunk: So you don't find this shirt amusing? Maybe you should buy this shirt and wear it to display your lack of amusement


I ordered the "I'm Sick of You and Your Positive Attitude" shirt from Tanga and just got it today, three weeks later. I'm not saying I absolutely desperately needed that shirt right away, but still, three weeks to get a t-shirt seems silly.


That's also my biggest complaint with them. I ordered their "Cinco de Mayo" shirt with, what I thought, was PLENTY of time to get to me before May 5,it came 3 days later. It's like they have NO FREAKIN' IDEA what their type of business is about, GET OFF YOUR FAT BUTT AND GET THE MERCHANDISE TO THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, I ordered several other shirts from them, and yes, IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!!!! Did I happen to mention, THEY'RE S L O W ?!!!! The bad thing about it is, IF they read these posting, THEY PROBABLY WON'T REALLY GET IT!!!!!! But, it doesn't matter, after all... ....we're only customers spending OUR $$$$$ with them. Did I happen to mention how slow they are????