dealsgpx 4gb video mp3 player - in-store only for $4.95


NOTE: Picture on the listing is not the MP3 player... woot won't didn't let me select the image when posting this deal. Click the I want one button to see the mp3 player. Note: Also available in RED.


read the reviews before wasting your lunch money on this.


@stephen6789: Perhaps not the best mp3 player... but for $5 definitively not that much of a loss... Amazon has this same model for $35.

Amazon Reviews / Product Page:


@jyoz22: Yes, it's not "that much of a loss", but why take a loss at all? Even if you pay $5 for junk, it is still junk.

Save your money and get a refurbished Sansa for $25-35 (Newegg usually has some). You'll get a great MP3 player and a much, much, much better value.


For that price I can tape it to the side of my fish tank so he can watch Sponge Bob all day.


UPDATE: If you plan on trying to get one of these please call your local store first. I went to my store today and they were completely out for my entire area. They also said that their warehouse was out.