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I have one of these, biggest piece of junk ever. Weight can vary by about 6-7lbs in between weighings.


It looks a little like a tuxedo t-shirt from the thumbnail. Got my hopes up.


Does it rate your health in HP or legend of zelda hearts?


That doesn't necessarily follow that it's a piece of junk; a person's weight can easily vary 6-7 pounds between weighings:

1) Start by drinking as much as you can.
2) Weigh yourself.
3) Sweat/pee it out. If you're very persistent, you can probably get rid of all that extra water weight in about half an hour.
4) Weigh yourself again.

I have done this with an actually accurate scale. It's not even much of a stretch. Not saying that this scale is any good, just that the first poster may perhaps be making bad assumptions.


@uthisit: I have a bigger version of the EatSmart scale from Amazon. They have superb customer service and have nearly all 5 star ratings. I read a review where the President of the company sent someone a scale that was checked by hand for free after they had problems with 2 scales in a row! The most expensive one that I have was under $40 and well worth it.


Don't buy a scale without Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), you're wasting your money (no, scales with BMI are still useless) at this price.

Being able to measure your percent body fat is the best measurement of how 'healthy' your weight is at home, without somebody clamping your shoulder fat in a set of calipers.


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