dealsplayon/roku lt combo for $79.99


I'm not sure I understand the Benefit
I can currently play Hulu Plus, Netlflix, Youtube, Pandora, etc on my TV through my Roku without Playon. I can play them on my Iphone and Andriod with nothing else (Except I can not get Hulu Plus on my Galaxy Tab)

So why do I need PlayOn? What will it do for me that I'm not aware of. Seems it uses your computer to put these same channels on my TV that I already have on my TV. I'm just not getting it....


@kelliedn: I suggest trying the 2 week free trial of playon and see how much it offers. Hundreds of online networks. I've had it for over 3 years and there is more than I could watch in a lifetime. I love having access to all of their services. They have scripts to add many, many websites/channels. If you forget to watch something and don't have a dvr (like me), most shows are available the next day. Most of my friends who have tried it, keep it and cancel their cable before the trial is over. Keep in mind you need fairly fast internet access. I love streaming my own media through the interface. The only real downside is if you are big on sports you may another service(cable/satellite) for those. I haven't paid a TV provider for over 6 years. Has allowed me to use the money for other things.


I agree with @oscaroni, try the trial if your not sure. There are hundreds of channels available through playon and most aren't on any of the services you mentioned. And as a side note playon streams hulu, so you don't need hulu plus.


@oscaroni: Thanks, I think I'll do that. I don't have cable anymore, only high speed internet and I love my Roku. If I could love my Roku more, that would be something! I'll check it out.

I wonder if I can request the Amazon card rather then a new Roku as I have Roku's at both my TV's now.


Ok, downloaded the trial and I think I'm sold
Basically CURRENT TV shows like what's on Hulu Plus, but I can pay ONE time and have it forever...for 79.99 which is like 10 months of HULU PLUS? Looks like it doesn't have everything but I think it's looking good for me.
Thanks!! Off to cancel Hulu Plus!!! Only thing is, doesn't look like it has a user queue...oh well.

Okay, that's it, I'm sold. I can now watch ALL my stuff and more on my Galaxy Tab. thank you so much for posting this. Now I hope I can request the Amazon card instead of the Roku.


(and in case anyone didn't notice the took me less then a half hour to download, set up and start watching on both my Roku and my Tab. Easy Peasy set up and interface)


This is not sanctioned nor promoted by the folks at Roku, they know nothing about it, and the PlayOn channel is still banned from the store and forums. Once again PlayOn is using someone else to promote their product without that other company's knowledge, making money off others work.

PlayOn is a rip-off. They are underhanded and make their money off the work of others. They steal copyrighted video from the websites of the folks who produce and publish it without their knowledge or consent, and they make money off of it by fleecing you, the user. There are so many updates to the software due to the fact that they need to keep finding work arounds for the protections of those sites.

PlayOn is a parasite. IMHO.

Imagine you produce an incredible video, and rely on revenue from that video or ads on your site, now along comes PlayOn and allows users to download, transcode, and display or serve it, bypassing your copyright, ad revenue and rights.

Avoid this.


I have it directly from Roku staff that this is not sanctioned nor promoted by Roku. PlayOn is still banned from the forums and store. The parasites over at PlayOn, in a desperate attempt to make money, probably bought a bunch of these from Woot or another site and are giving them away so they can use the Roku brand name to promote their product.

The private, user created PlayOn channel is buggy and continually fails, right now it is having audio issues. The PlayOn forums say it is a Roku "BUG", however since the PlayOn channel is not supported by Roku at all and is banned, that would mean it is not a bug, and there is no support from Roku for it. Good luck on getting support for it from PlayOn, since they just blame Roku.

Avoid this deal.

I would hope (not fact) that the Roku legal department looks into this.


What are you talking about @y0himba? As far as I've seen Playon doesn't stop pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads. More or less the only reason the product is needed is because some sites detect PS3, Boxee, Ruku, etc and refuse to serve the same content they would serve a computer. I'm not shedding a tear over that.


@y0himba: Do you go around to every single website you can find doing this? Is this the job the cable companies gave you since they are now losing $100 per month for each person who says "forget those high ridiculous bills"
I did a little search and I see you post this EVERYWHERE with the same name. And YOU are the only one that I can see who does.


Comparing my Hulu account and my Hulu plus accout (different emails and accounts), there are some major differences besides just being able to stream to my TV.

Many of the shows I watch, the episodes come out much sooner on Hulu Plus, and many of them don't expire, or take a long time to expire, whereas on regular Hulu most of them appear to be expiring soon.

Some shows that I haven't watched yet on my Hulu Plus account are expired on the other account. I will have to do some serious catching up if I want to cancel Hulu Plus and use I'm going to sit on it for a bit. Being a single mom, it's not always easy to watch TV whenever I want.

But, this does sound like a good idea overall, and, some of these shows may be avaialbe on Playon through the Network, I'll have to check....

*edited to say, nope, not available from the Networks either. They have about what Hulu (regular) has


I got my lifetime license back when PlayOn was still in beta. I've never regretted it. It's very convenient to be able to stream all the services it offers. I don't use it for Netflix since that already streams on everything but it let's me watch Hulu and many other "channels" on my Xbox. What's really awesome is that it let's me watch everything on my phone too when I'm away from home.


@kelliedn: You can setup your user profiles so that they automatically log you in. I subscribe to video channels (TED, Science, etc.) on YouTube and watch them on my TV.


I have not used PlayOn, but in response to y0himba it seems that since you have to log in to your account on the Roku site to get the private channel, that Roku is aware of it and they could refuse to host the channel if they saw something wrong with it. Am I correct?

Also wondering if you get Hulu Plus content or just the regular Hulu content and if you can get a lot of content in hi-def with PlayOn?


@bitterpoet: Me too! Best $40 I ever spent. Not only can you watch it on your phone, but I have android on my Nook Color and use it while I'm working. I use my work PC for, well, work - but have the nook setup right by it and can watch/listen to documentaries without sacrificing space on my monitor.


@motytrah: I agree. I have my PS3 hardwired to my router and never get buffering , plus I use the fast-forward feature to zip through "network sponsored" ads.


..and I will continue to voice my opinion on any site. I PMed a staff member at the Roku forums, giving him the link to PlayOn's "deal". I asked him if this deal was sanctioned by Roku, and if PlayOn was now allowed in the channel store or on the forums, if they were "playing nice". He told me specifically, No and No.

This company makes money by selling a product that uses the copyrighted content of others without permission or license. That is fact. Roku wants nothing to do with them, that is fact. Roku cannot control private channels that users choose to load, but they do not support the channel, that is fact. PlayOn is banned from the channel store and from even being mentioned on the forums at Roku, that is fact.

The deal here is just another attempt by PlayOn to attach itself to a product that it has no license or right to, using Roku's brand name without permission to pedal it's software. Fact.

PlayOn, pirating and the like give Companies good cause for using DRM.


@kelliedn: PlayOn will let you stream regular Hulu content if you don't have a Hulu Plus account.

PlayOn will also stream several channels of content you otherwise AFAIK cannot get on Roku, listed here:

The reason I got this deal was that PlayOn will also transcode any media files on your computer and stream them to the Roku. There are probably other ways to do this, but this seemed like one of the easiest and given the other features, it's well worth the price.

Also, PlayOn can make your media library accessible from anywhere and for many devices, which is nice.


Does PlayOn have to run through a computer and then through the roku, or is it straight through my roku? Having to go through the computer is the only thing holding me back on this(if that's how it works).


@y0himba: I don't know how you come up with this piracy claim.

I bought this deal as a gift so I haven't used the setup too much, but I know that it doesn't strip all, if any ads. I can't honestly say for sure that it doesn't strip ads, but for Hulu content I know the ads remain. For the stuff that doesn't have ads, I don't know if it had ads to begin with. I've never seen it strip ads that I expected to get.

All PlayOn really does is take content that I can watch for free legally and legitimately on my computer and make it accessible on other platforms. I can hook up my laptop to my TV with a VGA cable and get all of this content. PlayOn is just more convenient.


@nchittenden: It runs as a server on your computer and serves the media you choose to your Roku and other devices.

@kelliedn: I can say I agree with this. PlayOn streams local media to your devices quite easily, although since Plex added DLNA, streams and transcodes more formats, and is free I prefer it.


@nchittenden: PlayOn does run on a computer because for certain content it is transcoding the media, so it needs more power than the Roku has.

The content it is pulling in won't natively play on the Roku, so if you want a Roku, this is your best bet. Also in general I think this is your cheapest option.

They give you an Amazon gift card by default which was awesome for me because I won a Roku in a raffle after I bought the PlayOn deal but before I bought the Roku.


Thanks for the help, that's how I thought it went. Don't want to burn up my laptop streaming this though. Roku itself was a great investment for me just for


If you just want to stream content from your computer to your Roku I can't say enough good things about Plex. Plex is free, will stream a wide range of content including .avi and .mkv, and works great. When you add content to your PC, Plex has agents that look up the metadata for the TV show or movie, and get the cover art and plot synopsis. It's not perfect, but it is the best solution I have found.


@jebuswankel: I'm aware of that
I was considering that this would be better then paying monthly for my Hulu Plus account, but Hulu Plus is still better because it has the shows earlier, keeps them long and has more shows. If I cancel my Hulu Plus account I will use some programming is all I was saying. I don't want to have to keep Hulu Plus AND pay for the Playon Subscription if I don't have to, but it looks like I will if I want to keep certain features.


@jebuswankel: "They give you an Amazon gift card by default which was awesome for me because I won a Roku in a raffle after I bought the PlayOn deal but before I bought the Roku."

I contacted them and they did not tell me this. They said that they couldn't guarantee me a gift card, it all depended on the stock of Roku they had. How do you know they give you the Amazon card by default?


The more I'm looking and the more I'm checking this out the more I'm wondering why yOhimba thinks this is ILLEGAL.

Playon is getting the shows directly from legal sources. I have to have a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO account to get that content and it's perfectly legal for me to watch those on my computer. So it's being transferred to my Roku onto my TV...what is the big deal?

All the other shows are directly from the channel or networks websites and what they are currently offering as free content for me to watch as I see fit on my computer...same thing, only thing Playon is doing is giving me a way to watch FREE content or content I PAY for on my TV instead of my computer...I have NO clue how this could prossibly be considered illegal.

Why do people get their panties in a bunch over stuff that doesn't even make sense

Oh, and as far as offering a free Roku. Playon is NOT saying they ARE Roku, they are offering a promotion to pull people in. Nothing wrong with that....cont


there is nothing wrong with that, it isn't illegal and Roku doesn't have to give thier OKAY for something to give their items away. NOW, if they were giving away something saying it was a Roku and it's actually a Chinese made knock off THAT would be wrong, but any company can give away any item as part of their advertising campaign without prior approval from that items company. I mean, if they were giving away BIC pens, would you honestly expect BIC to have to give their blessing and okay for that to be an acceptable marketing tactic, no, of course you wouldn't. This is perfectly acceptable and reasonable marketing and I say...bravo Playon! Love it!


I also think that, if Playon is actually banned from the Roku site, and forums that it may actually be for the following reason:

More then likely Roku gets a Kickback from Netflix, Hulu and others when people add those channels to their Roku lineup. If Playon were able to tell people HEY you don't have to add those channels, now you can have it ALL in one easy to use format, then Roku would lose those kickbacks and would not be happy. That is the only reason I can think that Playon would be "banned"


PlayOn has not licensed the content they use to sell their software. If you read the Roku forums, staff mentioned 'legal issues' and questionable legality of the PlayOn software. Discussions and mentions of the PlayOn software were banned. Others said it was due to the recent licensing by Hulu to allow Hulu Plus to be used on the Roku.

Content that is displayed on web sites is licensed by the copyright holder for display and use by that web site and the owner decides whether it can be downloaded, transcoded and served dor display on other devices or mediums.

PlayOn rips the content without permission and uses it, charging the user to do it. In essence charging you for the content of others.

Not to mention you already pay for content like Hulu Plus, then pay PlayOn again, when the Roku already has it. A simple, inexpensive cable or adapter can display the rest as well as software such as Plex which is free.


Thanks, decent service to know about. Doubt I'm getting the deal, though.


@nchittenden: Does the Roku work well for I use my laptop with an hdmi out to the tv, but that leaves an open laptop in range of my 2 and 4 year olds.