dealsstarcraft ii: wings of liberty (33% off) for $39…


Anyone know if they ever addressed the issues surrounding draconian DRM? Forty bucks is still a bit steep.


Too bad I don't have $40...


Don't buy this. Your free time will be consumed by this game. It is so fun and I need fresh meat to pat my stats.


Waiting for the SC2 trilogy battle chest for $30. By that time, the facist PS5 and XBox 1080 will be out and lots of people angry. Tons of ppl will move to pc games, sweet.


@rabidwooter: Trilogy battle chest for $30? Dam, that's a lot of patience to be waiting at least 5 years for it to drop that far. I mean SC2 has been out for exactly 2 years now and still at $39.99 (lol taking into account this is a sale!).

To be honest though, I think it would probably take around AT LEAST 7 years until you would see a trilogy battle chest at $30. Unfortunately, a used trilogy chest won't work because you need an unused key to play it ever since SC2 came out, they requires you to have an online account and BE ONLINE to be able to play, which is bullsh*t.


SC2 was little more than a refresh of SC1. Blizzard has really succumbed to the Activision quality standards. D3 was just released and is easily Blizzard's worst product to date from a design / execution perspective. As others suggested, if you're interested in this game, wait until the Battle Chest is out... you're not missing anything you can't find in other 'complete' games at a better price.