dealssandisk® 32gb cruzer® usb flash drive for $19.99


While I appreciate “squirtle456”’s notification of this deal…

After checking out the latest pricing of 16 GB × 2 pack, 32 GB, and 64 GB EEPROM/flash memory in various SanDisk Cruzer USB key form factors on AMZN, for sale directly from AMZN itself and third-party AMZN MktPlace sellers, I found unit cost currently ranged ~$.65/GB–~$.70/GB at the competitive end. (There are, of course, merchants who always nonsensically price products so expensively high and offer no value-added in return so as to be out of competition altogether.) After my local jurisdiction’s tax, the Radio Shack sale brought unit cost down to ~$.67/GB. In other words, the sale only just made the Radio Shack’s offerings price-competitive.


When I initially read the item name, I was all like "Thats way too little storage for $20, nobody uses less than a GB these days. Then my brain caught up with me and I realized..... 32GB != 32MB. What a way to start the day.


@bartsimpson: You don't post on other forums using this name, do you?

As for the product, correct, it does bring it into competetiveness, but on the lesser end of what you stated. That, itself, shows this is a deal.

It is amazing what the costs are. I remember buying a cruzer about 10 years ago, whopping 2gb stick, I was amazed, and happy to pay $30 for it...