dealskeurig b70 platinum brewing system for $119.00…


Perhaps I'm missing something, but per the site the cost of a B70 is $179 with a $35 rebate, for a total cost of $144. Now you could get a B40 for $94 ($119 + $25 rebate), but not the B70.

By the way, the rebate is from Keurig, not Walmart, so it seems you can apply the rebates no matter where you purchase it from. For example, the Costco web site shows the B70 for $159 + a $35 rebate - $20 cheaper than Walmart


For the rebate, you must also purchase a Keurig accessory or one to four boxes of k-cups * "All purchases must be in one transaction and appear on the same receipt...". *.


@flamingonut: I think that is only for an additional $$ added to the coffee maker rebate. You can get the coffee maker rebate without buying accessories but you cannot get the accessory rebate without buying the coffee maker- and they have to be on the same receipt.