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No comments on this? I'm curious why. This seems like an amazing deal, assuming they don't ship me 15 of the same novel.


did some research and the company gets blasted for poor customer service and incredibly long shipping times, orders sometimes get cancelled for no reason. as much as i want this, gonna pass.


Graveyard mall is a solid company (for me at least).

I've ordered graphic novels from them twice and was very satisfied. Note that some graphic novels may be B&W and/or on relatively low quality paper. I've also ordered several other items and was satisfied.

They did not have sufficient quantity for the last order so they cut the size of the order and refunded all the money and shipped out the smaller quantity free.

It is true they aren't the speediest shippers but I eventually got everything I ordered after a few weeks.

My 2c


I'm in for one! Can't go TOO wrong at $2 and change per book, can you?


I ordered this the last time it was available, although I think it was 10 graphic novels for $25 in that deal. They charged my card right away but it took them nearly a month to ship. They did deliver, though, and it was definitely a legitimate deal and well worth the price. If you're willing to be patient, I can recommend it.


For the rating that they give to this store, I prefer to pass


@thedavewsc: From the description: "You may confidently order up to 1 assortments without getting a repeat title"

Reading is fundamental!


They use smartpost that can take up to 10 business days for delivery.

I've ordered similar deals like this and other things and had no problems. Slow shipping yes, but at least it wasn't a surprise since I read so much here on the deals comments to expect this.


remember you can get your choice of a large handful of used graphic novels for 1-3 bucks from gohastings, and i assume that most of this will be junk that i will never read.


Can anyone attest to the graphic novels themselves? Are they mostly current runs?



I cannot say what this run is -- in the past it was older novels. From the late 90's to mid 2000's.
Realize they're probably getting these as returns from book stores. Do with this guess as you will...