dealsextra 25% off all sale items


Levis, you need serious help with your website and customer service!

I was intriguedby the 25% sale on woot deals. I selected a sale item in the under $20 section (Modern Rise Bold Curve Straight Jeans EASY WORN WAS $78.00 NOW $19.90). The page loaded and the price immediately reverted to $78.00). I chose all sizes to see if there was any differentiation. No. All were $78.00. I placed one in a cart, and still the $78.00 price.

I decided to call their so-called 24 hour customer service. After 3 calls, each time selecting 1 of their 3 service options, I was hung up on. I finally gave up. If Levis can't get a website to operate correctly, or even a customer service call to go through properly, I hate to see them even try to fulfill an order.

Ugh! Those were cute jeans.


Tried the promo code and it wouldn't work. Did some research and found this on their website under TERMS AND CONDITIONS,

"25% discount is valid only on sale items ending in $0.90 or $0.97 under the SALE categories"


All the mens in my size (32-34 depending on fit) are all slim fit :-( I hate skinny jeans. I think I'll ask about them to find others whos hare my opinion :-)


Skinny and Slim Fit! They're discriminating against me! Plus, where's blue? Colors like Froggy, Eggplant, Rigid... what about BLUE!?


Just bought a pair of 32x32 Levi's 501 Original fit jeans. Originally $99 (I think) and I got them for like $36. Not bad at all!


This is false advertising, since it is not an extra 25% off all sale items. I would of paid 88 dollars had I not been tricked and I read the title wrong. I don't care if it states in the terms that it's only items that end in .90 or .97, your ad reads ALL SALES ITEMS. Bait and Switch if you ask me.