dealsmother’s day special: 95% off invicta swiss angel…


I bought two watches from this place, they shipped relatively quickly and I still wear both of them. (not at the same time of course)

While I personally wouldn't gift most of those colours, you will be buying a watch that wont break easily. I should know I'm clumsy as all heck.


Its a cool Woot, but a "Mother's Day Special?" Not sure I can see my mom jumping on this fashion trend.


Question for anyone who might know:

It says the band is plastic. Is that RUBBERie plastic or hard plastic? I can't stand those rubber bands (haha!) - especially in the summer -- the heat can make them just gross.

Ah, got my answer by looking at Amazon: "High-impact polymer band". Now for a few crystals... mmm. Yeah, I am a watch whore!


I've bought plenty of watches from this place. Fast shipper, you get exactly what they advertise. JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH. Some watches are insanely great deals, some are the cut-rate price you can get anywhere, others your actually paying more than say on amazon or overstock.


Overall the reviews over on Amazon are pretty unfavorable and most reviewers would say to not buy this. But, it IS priced $20 less here than on Amazon.


As far as the synthetic band, my Invicta has one because i can't stand metal bands, and it is supple and soft. A very comfortable band year round. That said, mine was quite a bit more money, maybe these are cheaper plastic.