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vote-for1vote-against's not lacking any meat.

Because that's what real women need.


It's a shame these are sold out, they're good. And I'm not just saying that because I live adjacent to the river for which they are named and about 8 miles from where they're made.


These are NOT good, tattie. I bought a bag of these from 13deals and the entire thing went in the trash. I love jerky and I love spicy things, but these had too much "jerk" and too much "spice". The casing was like chewing on paper and they were so spicy they triggered hiccups. They're also "odds and ends" pieces that look like they were swept up off the factory floor. They didn't look anything like the picture.


I too purchased these from 13deals. I got it and was grossed out. I opened it and found everything was greasy and gross. I tried to choke down a few but that was tough. They were completely disguising. And I will pretty much eat anything. I am not sure how I will get back my $$ for the 2, two pound bags I ordered.. but I will not be keeping these. Yuck.