dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold membership…


This is a much better deal as they are currently offering a $5 Microsoft Xbox Gift Card for free with purchase.


@jbraunonline: you should tattle on it and ask for an edit because that info should be in the title


where is there a $5 credit?


@bizoink: it says it in two places on the linked page. It will also show in the cart if you add the Xbox live card.


The first time I ordered it, it did not automatically attach the $5 promo credit to my order. I had to call their support number after the transaction and they created a separate order for the missing $5 MS Digital Credit.

If anyone else has a similar issue, just contact them via Chat or Phone and they should be able to resolve it within minutes.



Great deal - I just received notice from xbox that my 12 month was going to renew next month at $59.99. Bam, I just saved $20 bucks going this route.


Lowest I've seen in years is $40. Thanks for this! Now I got an extra $5 credit, maybe I'll put it towards AC4 since it's on sale.