dealsshop skil 100-piece drill bit set at for $9.99


This is the normal price. Still a good deal though. I needed the larger bits mainly that I use once in long while. Now I have a bunch of smaller throw-away bits for basically free.


it's amazing how cheap bits are these days. I remember spending hours with my dad using a file or grinder to sharpen our bits


A good thing about them: they're cheap.
A bad thing about them: they have a tendency to snap.
Another good thing about them: so what they snap; ya got a hundred of em...


Seems like a good price - upvoted because having a full drill bit set is just about the nicest thing in the entire world when you find yourself needing to drill a hole that's just the right size (when you're driving a screw into wood, for instance). It's like having a minor superpower.


quality drill bits are still not cheap - these are ok quality, but not really good bits. Wouldn't last in a production setting. Remember this isn;t 10 different sizes, it's 15 sizes and multiples.

Personally in drill bits I take quality over quantity.


Its cheaper to buy these sets to replace the little ones you or your helpers break, than it is to replace the individual bits.


I wish I could get 100 X 1/8" for that price!


Unable to get the deal as the lowes is too far away, not local...