deals40% off used books, cds, or movies when you buy 4


I've placed several orders with them recently and been very pleased with their service.


Every one I checked was "out of stock"...


@daiuy: That was happening to me too. I opened about 5 tabs of items I wanted that appeared in stock, but when I got to the product page it said out of stock. I've never had that problem with them before though, maybe it's just the site.


The trick to gohastings is to create an account and a wish list. Fill your wish list up with used CDs you want then when there is a sale just look to see what is available from your wish list. They're stock is extremely erratic but their prices are great and their shipping is actually pretty fast.


@retorak: That is an excellent tip! I've only added a few items to the wishlist there. Never even thought of it being so useful in that way. Thanks for sharing!

I have had excellent success with my previous orders there, as far as quality and arriving quickly. But this will make the shopping process far simpler.


It would be nice if their search allowed you to filter out items that were out of stock.

I'm sure I could find something I'd buy if I wanted to spend the time to wade through dozens of pages and open each item one by one to figure out if it was in stock or not.
In the results, lots of stuff says "out of stock" right on the search page, but I couldn't find anything in my
results that was in stock after I clicked through.

I gave up after 2 pages.


If you click on quick view, it tells you if the item is in or out of stock. Since the advanced search does not have an option to show only in-stock items.


I have placed a few orders with them. Fairly fast shipping, although they sometimes send from multiple locations. I totally agree with the website search sucking. You can spend hours looking for four movies you want to buy that are in stock. It could be worth it though. I bought clash of the titans, green zone, an Ernest movie, and the second x files movie on blu ray used for under 30. Not too shabby!


I can also vouch for GoHastings. Great deals, horrible website search. The out of stock issue is a common one. They sell out of things quickly and their site doesn't update nearly as quickly. To take advantage of their deals, you really need:

1. Broad interests and a bit of time on your hands to search through many pages. Or...
2. As retorak mentioned, a wishlist full of the things that interest you (if you have more specific interests).

I've built a pretty nice DVD and Blu-Ray collection thanks to those guys. Their disks are usually in excellent condition, their shipping is usually very fast (I often get my orders 2 days after purchase), and while their customer service is slow, they're generally quite helpful. In 100+ items, I've only had a couple problems and they made them right. Their site is a pain, but you do get used to it. For the prices, I'd say that it's worth dealing with the site.