- 5" kong classic dog toy for $0.01


$5.99 shipping & limit 1 - still a pretty good deal. Seem to recall that retail on these is in the $8-10 range. In for 1.


For those that bought the $20 for $1.99 the other day, the cart total must be in excess of $20 for the coupon to work. I just got off the phone with them.

As to the Kong, they work great. This Kong offered allows you to place treats or the Kong cheese wiz inside to give your mutt a fun way to have a snack.

They have the snacks and the spread on the site as well.

Hope this helps.


If you have small dogs, I think the standard Kong size it probably too big and too tough. I have a dachshund and a Jack Russel, and got them the puppy sized Kongs that were actually made of softer material. Can't remember how much I paid.

My dogs don't really care about them unless there's something inside. They'd much rather chew up a stuffed toy. Peanut butter in the Kongs keeps their interest for a bit.


Also, it's funny that the description on the site mentions that a Kong keeps your pet happy when you're away, but I'm pretty sure every pet toy specifies that they are only supposed to be used by dogs under supervision...

Not that I follow that rule, just saying.


my dog makes short work of these, even the "extreme chewer" model made for breeds like pit bulls do not stand up. My cattle dog finds the weakness (usually the hole for putting treats in) and exploits it until it's nothing but a pile of rubber bits.


@cleaner00: My lab used to detroy any toy we got him instantly until we got him the original Kong Ball. It would take him six weeks to make it half its original size by biting off little bits of it. I would find a pile of red rubber in the back yard when I would go to mow the grass.


This is back on the site now!