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A lot of the reviews are saying that the conversion to Blu-ray is really bad quality. Just a word of caution.


The first one isn't too bad. The third one is pretty bad, but that has more to do with the style of shooting they did. They purposely wanted to give it a 'film' look with wonky lighting. Both are a significant step up from the DVD. Although the sound, is not. The second one? Well, who cares.


A trilogy for $13? Hells yea. I'm in for one.


@swankee21: Maybe that's why it's so cheap?


What about Ocean's 1-10?


@kpoker: those were all small Indie projects and shorts not deemed deserving in inclusion with this set. I hear they will be included in the Ocean's Series Definitive Collection though. :P


In an effort to dispel some of the rumours, here is what I said earlier in the week, in response to someone else, when it was $16.99:

Your hesitation is understandable, but allow me to put you at ease in this case. While there is some truth to some of the negative discussion about the blu-ray quality, it's mostly exaggerated. These are by no means demo quality, but they do offer a markedly better presentation than the DVDs; any shortcoming in picture is due to the film production and style, and honestly, it's refreshing that they didn't overcompensate with tons of DNR (digital noise reduction) and edge enhancement. And the sound is noticeably better on good systems. They aren't a huge must-have upgrade, but at this price it's probably worthwhile.
FYI: I'm a home theatre enthusiast and a hi-def video calibrator, if that helps.


@swankee21: The reason I haven't and won't purchase these.