dealskohl's online 30% off dec 13-24


Are there any similar in-store 30% off coupons for non-members/non-cardholders?


I'm not aware of any 30% off, but you can get %20 in store if you sign up for a card.


Xmasfree = free shipping
secretsanta = 20% off and free shipping on $50
cheer20 = 20% off ends 12/11 (central time)

oh heck here's the link, lol:


This would be awesome if it stacked! We'll see....


Kohls normally only stacks one percent off coupon with one dollar off coupon. I haven't had any luck getting percents off to stack, but I always try anyway.

The credit card app in store discount will stack with a percent off coupon. I scored major savings black Friday weekend with 20% coupon and 15% credit app. I was denied or the second discount would have been 30%


@hwoot1: if you know someone that received a 30% off coupon, you can use it at checkout without having a kohls charge. When I've done my last purchase with one of these, I always hand it to the person next in line and tell them to pass it on. My coupon does not say anything about requiring the order to be on a kohls charge. So try an online order and choose a different cc option to see if the discount sticks.


@mellielou: This is not always true. Some coupons do in fact say "Save xx% when you use your kohls charge". (I work at kohls)


Q.What do you call an extra 30% off sale at Kohls?

Q.What do you call something not on sale at Kohls?
A.A bad deal.


Those are really good kohls coupons, i used to get 30% off coupon codes from