dealschili's - appetizer or dessert with purchase of…


This is the first time I saw one of these Chili's coupons marked "Dine in only." I'll still try and use it for takeout and see what they say...


Thanks so much for posting this. I love Chilis free appetizer coupons. A couple of questions. Can you use this same coupon on different days? Or is the ID number on the coupon attached to your IP address? And if it is, is there a way to print this coupon with a different ID# so you can use it on more than 1 day?


@thedesi: I don't think the id # is linked to my ip address. When I get the emails there is a place on the email to click and post it on twitter or facebook to share with my friends and I've never had any issues. So I don't see why you couldn't use it more than once during the period it is valid.