deals$40/mo unlm internet, text and calls and no…


SimpleMobile is an MVNO on T-Mobile's network.

With that being said - $ for $, SimpleMobile is a better deal over the no-contract pricing on t-Mo's website for the same services.


I have SimpleMobile but when they say "Unlimited" its not true unlimited.
For some reason they said I used up to much data and they shut off my data for a month.
When I called and asked the SimpleMobile rep why they cut me off and they said I was in the top 1% of data usage.
Then the lady was telling me I was using the phone as a mobile hotspot or watching movies.
I told her I don't use it as a mobile hotspot or do movies and if she had looked over my past year of service I have never been cut off and as far as I know never hit any cap. The only data I use is text and doing automatic photo uploads to my dropbox and photobucket accounts.
After telling her this she kept trying to tell me I was using it as a mobile hotspot.
I even told her I don't use it as a mobile hotspot and if I needed one I would just goto Walmart and get one for $40.
99% of my data use I use my home WiFi.
The rep didn't want to hear it.
So be careful their "Unlimited" is not unlimited.