dealszombie block party for iphone, ipod touch, and…


I am loving this game! It's so much fun, especially when you have others around you to play with. The more the merrier, so download this bad-boy today!


Somehow, as a brand new player, I took over my location in one move from a guy with an army of 75 zombies. Kind of scratching my head on this one. Not sure it's worth taking up space on my already loaded iPod.


@tcanning: I think that's the point of the zombie's horde skill though right? If a player is foolish enough to leave a pack of 75 zombies unprotected they deserve to be taken.


I downloaded it, and left a scared hunter at a burger king, and a hoarde of zombies at my buddy's game store. Not 100% sure what to do now, but I think i'll figure it out.


This seems like a good idea, but there's so much activity in my small subdivision, and everywhere else I go, that I have to assume they are auto-generating characters. It would be fun to play against others, but playing against computer-generated opponents makes it less fun for me.