dealstickets to baconfest (chicago april 9, 2011) on…


Directions to UIC Forum
725 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60607
920 mi – about 15 hours 8 mins

Woot, Inc.
4121 International Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75007

1. Head west on International Pkwy- 171 ft

2. Make a U-turn- 0.1 mi

3. Take the 1st rt onto Midway Rd- 0.5 mi

4. Turn left merge onto TX-190 E- 7.8 mi

5. Take the exit onto US-75 N toward McKinney- 109 mi

6. Continue onto US-69 N/N Mississippi Ave- 165 mi

7. Slight rt toward I-44 E- 0.5 mi

8. Merge onto I-44 E via the ramp to Joplin- 323 mi

9. Take exit 276A-276B merge onto I-270 S toward Memphis- 5.5 mi

10. Continue onto I-255 E- 25.0 mi

11. Take exit 25A merge onto I-55 N/I-70 E toward Chicago/Indianapolls- 9.0 mi

12. Continue straight onto I-55 N- 273 mi

13. Take exit 292A onto I-90 W/I-94 W toward W Ryan Expy/Wisconsin- 2.0 mi

14. Take exit 52B for Roosevelt Rd toward Taylor St- 0.3 mi

15. Turn left at W Roosevelt Rd- 0.1 mi

16. Make a U-turn at S Halsted St- 249 ft


@heymo: dangit we would really love to go to this and it's actually in a location we could go to (about an hour drive, plus traffic)

but I really shouldn't spend $130 for a baconfest when there are bills to pay and gadgets to buy.

I'm torn!


@smtatertot13: $65 a person is pretty spendy if your point of reference is a dinner out or even dinner and a movie. Not as outrageous compared to a rock concert or a day at the amusement park. Tough call.

I also believe it's an annual event, so you can always save up for next year.


@heymo: agreed. it's not crazy expensive at all. just somewhat expensive for us.

definitely cool that it's an annual event. maybe hubby will get tickets for next year's bday.


I'm just going to say it. I've had enough of things "Bacon!" Sorry if that makes me sound like a vegan wussy or something (now the vegans will be mad at me too) but come on, it's just bacon, not a religion...


@tcayer: indeed. it is just a food. it is not a religion. however, if you ask my husband, he is of the pork-worshiping faith, which, as you might imagine, includes bacon. He loves pork sausage, pork shops, bacon, pork chops wrapped in bacon...He loves the food, not the weird internet obsession thing.


Go to a Bacon festival for $65.00...
Spend $65.00 on Bacon....

Decisions, decisions....


Most everything is better with Bacon added - it is one of God's perfect foods along with Cheese and Pecans.

hlx hlx

Well, it's not a false religion like the Beggin' Strip stuff they have for dogs.



You lost me at Pecans. You can put bacon and cheese on anything. Eggs, pizza, burgers, salads, tortilla chips, the sky is the limit.

Pecans on the other hand? Who the hell would want an pecan quesadilla or a pecan sandwich? Their use is much more limited.


Why can't we have one of these in every city?
I propose that Baconfest 2012 be nationwide, if not THE WORLD!


@wickedd365: Just Google 'your metro baconfest'.
There is a Baconfest here in Atlanta. Me and the wife are going this year. I'm gonna get the 'Bottomless Bacon'. AYCE bacon and beer.


I would rather buy bacon than pay for tickets. Dreymiller and Kray
@dreymillerbacon. Good stuff.


@tcayer: totally agree. i was done when they created baconaise.


Total venue capacity was lowered for this event after careful analysis of bacon consumer mean weight metrics. <--FACT


if scientology is a religion then baconism can be one too


Bacon festival is the best festival.


cant believe how fast they sold out. is it always like that?


@marcus6571: Yup. That's why I posted the deal a few hours before they actually went on sale! I figured it would hit the popular tab just as the ticket window opened.

As Cubs fans say, TANY.