dealsknee socks in fishnet w/ lace ribbon top for $5…


I am going to assume the mods deleted this deal in error.


@ohcheri: I don't know . . . As far as knee socks go, those ARE pretty sexy . . .


Why is it always "socks" now?


@jrhusc: Because I am trying to get on the Popular tab and I can't do it with lingerie :-(


Ah, Cheri, but they are SEE THROUGH!!


@klozitshoper: Hence the mod addition of the #sexy tag ;-)


@klozitshoper Gasp! Oh noes, not socks that are see through! I'm shocked,too. ;-) (You do know I'm kidding. Great to see you here, btw! )

Ah, yes the sexy tag. Ponders whether deals showing sheer panty hose are tagged as "sexy." Pretty sure they're not? :-/

@ohcheri: Unless you can clear your landing page of all sexy, lingerie, etc. photos, I suggest again, that you put NSFW in all your descriptions. TT stated elsewhere that's what woot does when their deals are directed to a landing page that might show something 'questionable.'

Added observation: I remember one of your deals for men's pj's that was tagged "sexy." The pjs were not, the male model was. It was nonsense, of course. Or was it the landing page issue?


@gmwhit: @thunderthighs Really? All I need to do is add NSFW to my description and the mods will leave my deals alone? Why wasn't I told this at some point in the last 3 years? It would have made life easier for everyone.


@ohcheri: Not exactly. ;-) TT's statement was made in response to my comments on your question regarding the sexy socks deal.

Do I think that will work for you? No. Just suggesting you might try it. Aside from those deals you post that are definitely lingerie/& or/sexy, I've come to the conclusion that it's the "landing page" that staff is now concerned with. I could be wrong; I could be right. Neither of which matters. My opinion: They're going to continue to find more reasons to keep you off the popular page. Period.


I'd put a "lace ribbon" on top of her if you know what I mean


@ohcheri: OK, thanks for the response. I'll take that into account when voting.