deals200 fancy gel pens with silver barrel for $34.00


These here are FANCY pens, folks. They make you write so well that each letter will end with such a large flourish that people will be waiting for blotts... (I hope someone gets that, even though it's not really a reference and yeah... It doesn't make sense.)


How about 1000 pens for $50?

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SPECIAL! Misprint Imprinted plastic retractable PENS
1,000,000 available
Minimum order 1,000 misprinted pens
Only 5 cents each

These misprinted quality plastic pens have different company logos imprinted on them. All are first quality retractable misprinted writing pens. Some pens may not have clips. Great for restaurant suppliers, office workers, conventions, students, throw-aways for surveys or registering anywhere or anything, or just a good give-away.

This lot of 1,000 pens is being sold for a total of $50.00 with no freight added.