dealsdermabrush advanced cleansing system for $24.99…


looks like it would feel good on my scalp



@gibizugbe: Loaded for me with FF. Took a bit but it loaded.


This device looks like it would take half your face off...


In for 2! One for me, one as a gift. I looked at something similar not long ago for $120 + in a department store. Don't know what the difference could be, other than design, but if it's just a rotating soft bristly brush that feels yummy on your cheeks and chin, I think this deal is AWESOME!

EDIT - attachments for body, face etc, makes this an even bigger bonus.


I couldn't find "water resistant" anywhere in the specs or reviews. I wanted one, but being paranoid, I went with this instead
Which reviewers do say is water resistant, and it comes with 2 different smaller brushes. Has more reviews and also uses 4 AA batteries.