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Not to be negative, but it's all placebo. A hoax to get money from Debbie Downers


Shame on you Woot, for promoting BS. You might as well be selling faith healing tickets, a psychic hotline for the bereaved, or homeopathic "medicine". To whomever agreed to put this product on this list: if you were my kid, I would be ashamed to admit it.


It works though! Just the thought of not spending a single cent on this item was enough to send waves of positive energy coursing through my body!


scam ~ woot should remove this it's obvious proven scam. I would feel bad if my site was being used to promote con-men


Are you kidding me, Woot? This is insulting. How stupid do you think your users are?


Oh my fellow wooters, you have no idea how pleased I am to read your comments on this BS. Being a licensed massage practitioner I see poor saps buy this crap and continue to suffer, now they are out $60 bucks and have a rubber band around their wrist as evidence of their desperation/stupidity. Even in massage there is quackery and false claims, worst part is its required for us to take and PAY FOR (around 500 bucks) the classes. I do wish the FDA would at least have these companys back up their statements with more than anecdotal "evidence" if they can not provide sufficient evidence, fine the (profanity) out of them till they go out of business, then write an apology to the people who purchased the product and tell buyer how they managed to fool them. This is 2012, we just landed a RV on mars and yet we still have ADULTS believing in magic bracelets/water/rocks/foot baths/homeopathy etc... Anyway... Proud of you all. :)


@stave177: Have you been reading some of the posts during this Woot-Off? I'm surprised they are not sold out!


If you buy this, get in touch with me. I have a mountain in Florida to sell ya...


Bad WOOT.COM ! Shame on you.

FTC Returns More Than $11.8 Million to Consumers Defrauded by Q-Ray Bracelet Scam


Just when I thought woot couldn't disgust me any more, they hit a new low. In one week, we've had the Banksy posters, the cheating on the pirate BOC game, and now this. At this point woot needs to just fire everyone from the ground up and start over.


Do the people talking about how the FDA should do something have any idea what the FDA stands for?

FTC or BBB is who you wana talk to. (see stroshan)

Lastly claiming that woot should fire everyone from the ground up is just straight up retarded. Maybe they should look at their sponsored woots a bit more closely, but its not like they saught this deal out. It was bought and paid for, most likely automatically.


Yes...probably a fad, yes...probably a placebo. yes...probably a waste of money, but if you don't want to spend the $, then don't. Also, I find it interesting that most athletes, professional, collegiate, or the Saturday Warrior wear these things, or something similar. Shame on you, who responds to these deals in a negative way. I’m pretty sure people don’t care to hear from others who have no idea what they are talking about. Peace!


To the persons that purchaedsed this wonderful product authentic qray bracelets starting at 40 off, I would be happy to say "Welcome, please and congradulations!" You are very much lucky!

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"'s a fad,'s a placebo.'s a waste of money, don't spend the $, just don't"

I fixed part of your post for you tmobb3...
Please be less foolish. This is a scam. It's snake oil and there is NO PROOF otherwise.

Have a great day...


These bracelets are awesome! They're perfect so that I can pretend I'm practicing Feurchemy from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Series! I can now pretend that I'm filling my gold minds with health and steelminds with speed!

Good fantasy series BTW! I would strongly recommend reading them.

BTW, I would never buy these things. They are very hokie.


But the REAL question... Will this go more negative than the other sponsored debacle, the beats from mobiletechmall:


@tmobb3: I find it interesting that in your warped little world "most" athletes wear these things. A statement so absurdly false as that makes me think you have a bright future with the Q-ray company.


@shinynew: This product is marketed as treatment/cure for diseases so it falls under the FDA.


I logged in just so I could give this a down vote


@tmobb3: Actually, some of us know EXACTLY what we're talking about. These are a proven scam and have absolutely no method for functioning. Athletes swear by these for the same reason they swear by their lucky unwashed sock: superstition and confirmation bias. Complaining about something we're actually very well-informed about (my investigations group has tested these and similar products many times) is exactly how we protect people from making stupid mistakes and wasting their money.


These really work! Not only did I get positive enegy, it cured my neighbors cancer by just being near me! It immediately made me wealthy & more attractive, raised my dead cat back to life & put new siding on my house. It removed a wine stain on my favorite silk shirt & causes world peace wherever I go. Your results may vary....


The "Q" in QRay stands for Quack


@tmobb3: Being a "pro athlete" doesnt make you a rocket scientist. It makes you a moron with too much money to spend, most likely.