dealschevron techron concentrate fuel system cleaner…


BTW, this is the good stuff.
Is your gas gauge getting odd after a few years? It's getting fouled- a few tanks of this will help.
Ever hear of Top Tier? GM, Ford and Chrysler can't get most of their autos to last well after 60k miles of testing without Techron in the gas.


Also you can get a CASE of this at Costco (12 bottles) for I believe $19.99. I used it a lot but never noticed any difference. But I own a 1992 Camry, so who knows?


There is only one true miracle product out there its called "Engine Overhaul". Every clunker I owned before I got a Camry would start leaking oil, you poured it in the engine and bam no more leaks, for about 4000 miles. If you were broke, it is grace from the auto gods.

You always new when it was time to pour more into the car, suddenly all your oil would burst out of your engine. Like the alien getting out of John Hurt's stomach in the movie "Alien". Happened to me on a date one night, still had a great time, we broke down 1/2 mile from her place. Disproving that you need a great car to get the girl crap.

Wait were am I? Oh I ranted. Never again.


that engine overhaul stuff is really the equivalent of just putting a little brake fluid in your oil so it swells the seals.

Techron is good stuff... but don't use it too often either.