dealskamenstein 16 jar plastic spice rack + refills…


Can anyone who has ever bought one of these say what kind of spices they got? Im just curious if they give some that are not frequently used.


I suspect it's pretty standard, with some fillers like salt, and peppercorns and dried garlic.


The comments on amazon for this company's spice rack are average. Some like it, some don't. You may want to read them over before purchasing.


The spices that come with most pre-selected spice rack assortments are usually lower quality, and generally do not show an expiration date or other info. You are much better off getting fresh spices & herbs from a known vendor e.g. or purchasing locally and drying them yourself. This also allows you to select regional-specific varieties, and smaller amounts of items that either are not used frequently.


A review of a similar Kamenstein 16 spice rack said it included the following spices: rosemary, parsley, savory, thyme, dill weed, italian seasoning, celery salt, oregano, caroway seed, basil, bay leaves, crushed mint, marjoram, pizza seasoning, and whole mustard and coriander seeds.

Some of these you probably don't use, but you can always replace them with spices you do use, and even buy new labels for $3-$4. (Of course you wouldn't get the free refills, though.)


@zippy the pinhead: We got a 20 spice rack (on clearance at BJ's for $17) and I was annoyed by the selection which was what you posted. And much to my chagrin, there aren't many more spices online to order. Moreover, it was $1.80 per spice to order when I logged in.

However, I did price empty spice racks so it was still worth it to keep it. One of my chores for today is to relabel spices! Wooohoo!


This is the WORST way to store spices- in clear containers on the counter! Store them in the dark if you must keep dried spices for them to last- most dry spices loose the majority of their oils, thus their flavor, in days from grinding, never mind that half the spices in these assortments are ones you might your 1 time in your life.
Got one for our wedding 9 years ago, still have several jars unopened...(who needs caroway seeds, sesame seeds, or tumeric on a regular basis anyway?)