dealschemistry shot glasses for $8.00


Great for chemistry teacher friends...


First, this is only $2 off. Second, the two beakers look the same, apart from the color. Third, these "glasses" are plastic, which is just wrong. Fourth, since when did these guys move on from t-shirts?

I know, I know, not enough holiday spirit(s) and these would definitely help to rectify that, but add shipping to this and it becomes a little excessive. Unless you're struggling to find a gift for your younger sibling, who happens to be a Chem major/grad student.


Price is $10 at checkout for me. $9.99 shipping? This item is not returnable? I'll pass.


It would almost be cheaper to buy actual lab glass.


I thought shot glasses were typically between 1.5 and 3 oz? these only hold 1oz...


Dang - the shipping is more than the product! That's a shame - I was going to buy these for my kid to play with. She loves her "Lab Rat" woot shirt because the "mouse is doing science" - not for $20 though.