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Can anyone recommend any of these games? The good price per game is only a deal if the games are playable.


@apocello42: Strategy First is a publisher that takes on older games that otherwise wouldn't still be available (though they've been the only publisher for some of these titles since they were new). The games in this bundle range from probably 5 to 15 years old. However, some of them are still great. It really depends on what kind of game you're into...there are all sorts represented here. Most of these games normally retail for $9.99.

A few that I think are great are Fleet Command (aka Jane's Fleet Command), Sub Command and Space Empires IV Deluxe. Those three would easily be worth the price of the bundle. However, you might not like them at all. There are other games in the bundle that have received good reviews, but I don't like that type of game at all. You really need to look at each game yourself and make the decision whether the bundle is worth it to you. The main bundle page has links to each product page, so you can get an idea pretty quickly one way or the other.